The Barber And His Daughter barbershop has it all

By Lynnette Hoffman

The Barber And His Daughter barbershop has it all

Photo by Lynnette Hoffman - Jacob Hampton cutting Eugene Rodriquez's hair at The Barber And His Daughter barbershop.

There is a business in Winlock that is always busy. Usually a bunch of men and maybe a woman or two sitting in the shop, having conversations. The Barber And His Daughter is a barbershop and it's hopping. They always have a room full; it's just a fun place to stop by. We finally had the opportunity to talk with Jacob Hampton, he is the son of the Barber. It's a family of hair care specialists in our very own community.

Eugene Rodriquez, who is in the chair getting a haircut had this to say, "We chat a lot and he gives great haircuts. It's a very convenient location."

Ty Wood stated, "I enjoy coming here, it's a one-stop-shop for me and my son. It's always a great conversation every time."

To my surprise, Ryan Lee of Beaverton was waiting for a haircut, he said, "I was with Frank in Chehalis while I was in High School. Now, as a college student, I come to Winlock. It's the best haircut in 75 miles."

It truly is a family business. Frank Hampton is the dad, and Joleen Poirrier is the daughter. They all moved to Washington after Hurricane Katrina, we are blessed they found us. Jacob stated, "My family moved to Chehalis, WA in September of 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. We weren't 'refugees' but the family had had more than enough of the storms. My aunt and uncle lived here and my Mom loved the mountains. After living in Chehalis for a year, we all had enough of the city and found Winlock. Winlock is about as close as it gets to a small southern town in the PNW."

Frank was a barber for years. Jacob continued, "My dad had a barbershop in Napavine for a few years. My sister had a dream of opening a family shop with my dad so she went to hair school, hence the name The Barber And His Daughter. I found myself in some trouble and needed to find a way to work, and take care of two kiddos, so I went to hair school as well. The whole family story is a lot more interesting but too much to tell here."

This family truly enjoys being barbers and south Lewis County is very lucky they do. Jacob stated, "I love being a Barber, especially working with family, because it allows me to be a dad first. I love my clients and the community we've built here as well. I've met some of the most amazing guys and gals in this town. Pilots, conductors, police, firemen, convicts, tradesmen of all sorts. Everybody has a story and I enjoy hearing them."

Frank started the barber business and his kids followed his lead. Jacob continued, "The whole family is in on the gig in one way or another and we all keep the machine running. My dad Frank was 'The Barber'' most of my life. My sister Joleen was second in line, then I started cutting hair here in Winlock to be close to home, same as my sister-in-law Shawna. These days it's mostly my dad and I doing barber cuts. My sisters work by appointment for women's hair and pedicures and availability varies throughout the school year."

Winlock loves The Barber And His Daughter and they love Winlock back!